Terms of Service!

Terms of Service

These Terms of Use apply to members and to Tuti Turi PTC users and advertisers.

You have registered with Tuti Turi PTC and have confirmed that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and general terms and conditions as described below. If you do not agree with the terms here, you can not use our services or work on the Tuti Turi PTC website.

If you have not read the above and have a problem with the description below, in this case the Tuti Turi PTC s Management does not take any responsibility!

The Tuti Turi PTC Leadership can change theTOS at any time. But in all such cases, the Management will notify its users and advertisers.

Behavior in the Forum for Users

Everyone has the right to read and use the forum.
If you re signed in and signed in to your account, you can create new topics or respond to topics you ve created in the forum.
We would like every user to respect all the members of the Forum, if not, to kick off.
You have the right to express yourself in the desired way without violating other members.
No ads, attempts to get referrals, monetization / exchange / acquisition, and offers or requests for postings and topics in the forum are not allowed. Eliminate unnecessary and meaningless messages, repetitive topics, illegal content, sharing email addresses, links to social networking sites, and instant messaging IDs.
In the event of the attack, intimidation, threat or disrespect of Tuti Turi PTC and its staff, against Tuti Turi PTC, the suspension of the Member s Account, the temporary or permanent withdrawal of certain benefits of the same or any other benefit.
Creating items or messages that may be directly or indirectly damaging to Tuti Turi PTC, members, sponsors, or service providers, or may be considered as a criminal offense, are strictly prohibited.
It is forbidden to copy any page of the forum. Members who do not comply with the rules / rules here are immediately excluded!

User Account

The password must be secret and can not be disclosed to third parties. In the unlikely event of someone entering their account, we do not take any responsibility. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by e-mail.
Only one account can be created. If you are trying to create more than one account, you can delete all your accounts. This applies to your E-account eg PayPal or Perfect Money, which should be unique and not shared with other users.
All ads can only be viewed once. Only one user can use an internet connection. Any other attempt may lead to your account being suspended. You can use multiple IP addresses to start a session. You can log in proxy - VPN or shared network environments (such as schools, Internet cafes, Internet cafes, etc.).
Your e-mail address or personal information should not be disclosed or issued to a third party.
Accounts can not be transferred in any case.
Tuti Turi PTC does not change the user request data.
We suspend the account of members who use false information when registering or changing your personal information.
You can see ads on each computer using only one account. If multiple accounts on a computer appear in your ads, each account will be suspended permanently.
Only up to 3 different computers can be used to view your ads over a 10-day period. If you use more than the specified time period, this may lead to your account being suspended.
If you use Tuti Turi s PTC account through another program, this page can be detected as an auto-clicker program. In that case, your account will be suspended immediately. If this happens 3 times in succession, this may lead to a permanent suspending of your account.
Any attempt to manually or automatically view the page / update pages may lead to a permanent suspend of the account.

Each user can have as many referrals as permitted by his membership package.
This page has the option to buy Referrals. Buying referrals can be done immediately with the help of the internal balance.
Referrals are only available if the site has enough referrals. (Rented or Direct Referrals are here)
After referrals, you only qualify for the commission if you have completed at least 4 ads per day and your referral. Commissions are automatically credited 24 hours a day before yesterday.
Referrals to Tuti Turi PTC can be obtained by referrals linked. If the new user is not in your list, this is the user you are receiving or your fault. For these reasons, Tuti Turi PTC is not responsible for any changes or modifications.
Tuti Turi PTC is not responsible for the work of Referrals! All users should only buy at their own risk.
Anti-Fraud Protection

Any attempts to circumvent the system in any way will be monitored.
Sometimes we warn, sometimes not. In any case, if you re requesting a payment, our account management system will analyze your activity and alert you if something is wrong. Attempting to circumvent the system will cause the account to be suspended.
We will not always inform you that your account has been canceled. In the first case, we will send an email to not use one of the actions to try to bypass our system. But if you do not do so, we will forbid you!

All payments are made using PayPal or Perfekt Money. There is no other payment method at all. You can only apply for a limited amount of payment. The highest amount in all cases is 3 times the total amount of E-Banks, but depending on the type of membership, you can even make payments per day.
Payments will be made to the recruitment list at the time of the request. Then, after the submission of the application, but subject to the criteria, the payment can be made within 24 hours, depending on the type of membership.
The minimum payment amount is $ 4.00 for the first payment (in this case you do not have to invest). The threshold will be limited to each payment, only the amount invested so far, as described in Section 5.1.
You can only request one payment at a time.
If the data was incorrectly entered at one of the E-Bank and the amount requested has already been paid, we will not be able to send it again. Just try reissue if the amount is refunded to your account.
Request for payment is independent of which E-Bank is used.
After requesting a payment, the user must wait for the minimum time between withdrawals according to the membership type before making a new request.
In all cases, the payment is subject to the following:
- Minimum 100db validation of a valid ad
- Activity (continuously for 5 days in a row, minimum of 4 ads per day)
- Compliance with the Code
- Only user data is filled in if real data is filled (Full Name Fill In, If Not, Please Contact Us)
- After the first call, invest, as follows:
$0 In case of investment the maximum amount is $4
$2 In case of investment, the maximum amount available is $6
$4 In the case of an investment, the maximum amount available is $12
$6 In case of investment, the maximum amount available is $18
and so on. So you can always get 3 times the amount of money you can get from Maximum!
Only investments paid out of an external account (PayPal or Perfect Money) count, no movements within the site!

If one of these policies is not respected by the user, your payment request will be rejected.

Any advertisement on the Tuti Turi PTC website can be of any kind. A + 18 ads can only be advertised in the appropriate package!
Ads are always checked! Illegal content advertising is forbidden! For example: Torrent, illegal video and other sites that can be classified here.
It is forbidden to advertise pages that would be advertised here or through the advertiser page.
Your ad will be processed and verified within 0-24 hours. Only registered users can advertise.
Ads that violate the rules will be deleted and the amount of advertising will not be refunded!
Deposit to Tuti Turi PTC

All payments must be made via links available on your "account". We will not accept any other payment method.
Once the deposit has been made, it is non-refundable.
Your PayPal or Perfect Money account must be verified so that you can receive your payments!
All requests for returns or payment claims will result in an immediate suspension of your account, so please provide accurate information.

You have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason in case of non-compliance with our Terms of Service.
In the suspended account, all your balance will be canceled, including everything. In case of return, this is not refundable.
Hangouts permanently suspended will be archived to prevent reuse of the same username and email address.
After 30 days of inactivity, your account is temporarily inactivated and deleted after 180 days of continuous inactivation.
New users who do not enter the account within 24 hours and do not comply with the mandatory click (as described in section 5.8) will automatically delete those users.

Tuti Turi PTC is not responsible for any delays or failures that are not directly related to Tuti Turi PTC and are therefore not subject to control.
Tuti Turi PTC reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time, including prices, special offers, benefits and rules.
Tuti Turi PTC is not responsible for users, advertisers, and advertisements. This includes all the suppliers we depend on.
Tuti Turi PTC is not responsible for the payment of tax fees. It is your responsibility to comment on whether you are receiving and paying the tax rates in your country.

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